Welcome to my site! 
I am a freelance photographer based in the Winelands, Western Cape, South-Africa.
  My work serves to celebrate and capture the most precious moments of life. I adore photographing happiness in the laughter of children, family picnics with all the little detail of cupcakes and smiles, kisses and wine.
Couples on the beach celebrating their engagement with feet in the sand and sea breeze, is a favorite of mine.
A bride and groom madly in love, with satin and lace between the vineyards, is the reason I love what I do.
Since I can remember, I’ve been taking photographs of people and surroundings. Viewing life through the lens enable me to get a different perspective than what one normally would see.
My style is soft, clean and fresh, classically romantic with a touch of fine art flair and simply whimsical.
I enjoy the pretty side of life and love to capture beauty in a single image.
I trust you will enjoy browsing around and having fun while looking at all the beautiful images.

A little of something more I’m involved in:
The Purple Lens – I am the founder and creative manager of the Purple Lens. The Purple Lens tell the stories of inspiring woman by doing and interview and a lifestyle photoshoot with each guest.
You can follow the stories on Facebook and Instagram or view them on our web page.

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